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nGenera - The Birth of a new nGen Company

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I blogged about BSG Alliance when they purchased Iconixx 2 months ago. Today BSG Alliance was reborn as nGenera, a business innovation platform for Next-Generation Enterprises.

Another news which did not get much attention is that BSG Alliance/nGenera recently acquired Ncent, a fully integrated Sales Performance, Bonus and Salary Management software company. The cached version of Ncent website can be found here.

Mark Hall wrote a bit more about nGenera on his blog at ComputerWorld.

Here is more information about nGenera, straight from their website:

We’re a different kind of company - built to enable our customers’ journeys toward becoming a Next Generation Enterprise - and our innovative core is made of three distinctive capabilities:

  • A business platform and components that create an agile mechanism for identifying, creating and configuring our assets
  • Collaboration software that enables community-driven innovation (Wikinomics) and interconnects the new global workforce
  • An on demand framework that turns Big Ideas into reality for leaders, employees and customers 10x faster than traditional means

Our customers plug-and-play into our platform to enable:

  • Revenue growth without additional costs
  • Significantly greater utilization of employees and resources
  • Breakthrough responsiveness to opportunities & threats

The agility of our platform enables us to configure product offerings directed at our customers’ most pressing challenges and opportunities. Currently, nGenera offers three core products:

nGen Leadership gives companies the tools to understand, orient, define and plan their company’s transformation into a Next Generation Enterprise. Capabilities include Enterprise 2.0 training, leadership development, management chain automation, strategy on demand and simulation on demand, all powered by Web-based software.

nGen Talent enables enterprises to identify, source and retain key resources anywhere in the world, and to provide an attractive, compelling work environment for the new workforce. Major capabilities include recruiting and on-boarding, learning and development, performance management, total compensation and collaborative culture.

nGen Customer gives companies the means to turn customer insight into compelling, differentiated products and services - to co-create complete customer experiences. Key capabilities include customer experience assessment, emotion mining, community-driven innovation, customer experience design on demand, multi-channel interaction, knowledgebase management, and Web monitoring and analytics.

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    Steve Papermaster and nGenera are involved in some really groundbreaking work. Great post.

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