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Makana Solutions Launched Web Portal

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I reviewed the new SPM solution Makana Motivator Pro earlier this year, and noted that there was a big piece missing; the portal.

One of the main advantages to implement an SPM solution is to increase visibility. Sales reps should perform better if they know exactly how they are performing, what they need to focus on, how much commission they have earned, etc. Managers also need to know how their team is performing, what could be done to improve their performance, who are the top/bottom performers, etc.

I also noted that the Makana portal was planning for the end of January… And it was delivered, as promised, on time. Before the portal, Motivator administrators had to send reports by e-mail. Now, users can just log in and access all of this information.  Not only does this reduce the burden on the administrator, it also provides more timely information to the reps.

As with the dashboards of other solutions I have reviewed, the Motivator Pro reports are interactive and allow to “drill down” the results to the transaction level. This is what the portal and the reports look like (click to enlarge):

Commission and Incentive Pay Statement – Transaction Detail

Commission Statement – Summary Information

Team Summary Report

Team Ranking Report

The portal still lacks some functionality observed in other solutions such as the ability to customize the reports to display company-specific information, a modeling feature to allow reps and administrators to play “what-if scenarios”, an “issue resolution” tool for reps to report problems with their commission, a plan communication feature to distribute plans to the reps through the portal, etc. But even with these pieces still missing, the web portal is a great step in the right direction!  It’s a great addition for Motivator Pro users and provides neat reports out-of-the-box at no additional cost.

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